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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2012 1:48pm-2:18pm PST

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you have jurisdiction over at least two places. we're working now with the city attorney, mothers against drunk driving, trying to shut down the places that are a public nuisance. on this particular block, it is permitted as a restaurant by the city. the conditional use authorizes them to have a piano bar for diners. but there is a dance floor. a dance floor? there is nothing here that says they can dance. the result is that is on level. who and i live one block over and can't walk down that street in order to get home from the
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movies before midnight. people are moving out of the building where he has been the resident manager. the reason he is not here is that while he was waiting for you on the other agencies to take action, he had a heart attack and several small strokes. across the street is the senior housing with 72 units of elders the wake up in the middle of the night to the sound and they can never get back to sleep. people with heart conditions and horrible pain. nobody understands how much they suffer. [chime] >> thank you very much. >> i heard your comments about the possibility of entertainment and residential coexisting simultaneously. it is not possible.
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i know you are young, naive, optimistic and hopeful. good for you, but good luck. i am glad you are a commissioner, and [unintelligible] he almost made it on to this commission. it startled me and disturbed me. finally, i have a question for the woman who is the staff person. what is the process for filing a formal complaint against people like mr. isher? thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? >> eric mar, the supervisor for the richmond district. i am tied up with the appeal of america's cup so i have been
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coming back and forth. but welcome new commissioners. i want to thank you for the process listening to the business owners and residents. i appreciate the thoughtful discussions and i hope that hy commissionersde and -- commissioners hyde and lee -- i want to thank the of the search for his work and the police advisory board. including the bar owners that are across the street from the jack in the box in question later on the agenda. my goals have been to create a stronger community safety plan for the long term. the advisory board has been useful. the police department staff has been wonderful. i am strongly supportive of my
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neighborhood and my residence calling for you to really consider their voices and to not allow the jack in the box to continue between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.. i will stand with my neighborhood this day, please don't let them operate between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.. i will of knowledge that in the time the issue has come up since the thanksgiving violence and other issues, many of our residents have raise their voice, but it is a historic issue that has occurred around the jack in the box for decades where many residents are very frustrated about not only the noise, but also the cleanliness and other issues. but i appreciate mr. con and bathi and their efforts to listen to the residents to create a stronger safety plan.
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i know that the former captain has given his recommendation that you have accepted and i think he has also accepted. i also read into the record to increase security protection for the business at jack in the box. also that there be a second security guard on fridays and saturdays to better control the parking lot. and also that shift managers also participate with the security. i believe it was a police recommendation to let customers know the parking lot is off- limits to loitering. the last things really important -- it limits the noise
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of many of the residents directly around the jack in the box. lighting and monitoring them better, in the facility, it was a key recommendation from the police station as well. some of the bar owners and a motel owners, the police advisory board to pull the jack in the box accountable and create -- and support the neighbor's recommendation to keep it closed between 2:00 at 4:00 a.m.. thank you so much sheer joseph and commissioners. >> this is the section on general public comment, items not on the agenda. any further public comment?
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public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda, review and approval of the minutes. ok. i'd like to -- is ther epublie c comment on minutes? i would like to motion to continue the minute since we don't have a quorum to vote on them. moved and second. can we do roll call? commissioner tan: aye. president newlin: -- commissioner perez: aye. commissioner lee: aye. commissioner cavellini: aye. commissioner joseph: aye. next item is item number four,
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report from the executive director. >> i will be quick because i know there is a lot of stuff still on the agenda. since i didn't get a chance last meeting, i am far behind on these reports. quickly, as you know and as you can tell, the appointments as of thursdya, the -- thursday, the entertainment commission is fully staffed, sworn, and seated. this is commissioner lee's first meeting. i want to welcome him to the commission. hopefully we will cease the turnover. i want to update you on the study of san francisco night
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life. supervisor wiener asked a study be done to measure the economic value of the night life industry. it looks at the vendor and consumer side. the consumer interviews were completed at the tail end of last year, the venue surveys are still being collected. staff is assisting in making sure the quantity and representation of all kinds of nighttime businesses are surveyed and the comptroller has indicated the results show the complete and ready for distribution by march of this year. super wi buzzerener -- supervisor wiener will be announcing the results in april. i included a listing regarding the update on the fiscal year 12-13 budget plan. however, the meeting of the
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general services administration and the commission is a part of keep getting continued and hopefully by the next meeting, we have been able to meet with the city administrator which is also a new position. and remind you of those from the mayor's office and how we plan to meet those in the next budget year. also, i wanted to remind all the commissioners, almost all of whom i got responses from, we'll be doing the first quarter retreat. we're preparing it as a review for the current mission. the processes we use and
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where to go in the future. this is a retreat for the new commissioners, but it's helpful to have everyone get together and discuss how we do things. schedules we are scheduled for saturday, february 18, and from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the plaza. there will be of published agenda. it is a meeting but will be open to the public. we will be notifying at least 16 days in advance, but here is an additional motives for all of you to take out your blackberries and put the date in. i hope to see you there during your -- to see you there.
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>> we still have a lot of items on the agenda, so i will be quick. you will see in your binder: points for my report from last meeting. you will see there was a very high number of violations from new year's and so forth. it was a busy few weeks. it is important to highlight some very minor things. overall, new year's went very well this year. i know it is clear to talk about that. -- is geared to talk about that. new year's with very well.
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i was able to work mission, north beach, and it was great. a lot of agencies were out. there were some warnings for new year's and other times. sound is one thing we are trying to work with other venues and also crowd control up front. there were some minor incidences', but it was very good. we have been seeing a steady decrease in violence. it is leveling off, but we are continuing to see that drop. more recently, the woman who spoke about " street common -- about polk street, and we have
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been working to get patrols in that area. they were cited last week for crowd control. it can be a slow process before we see real change. we are working on those few blocks, so hopefully we will see more change and it will come more rapidly. we would give -- we are getting some more blunood as far as club owners. as far as incidents, i know officer mathias is here to talk about the central district. and one i will mention is 463 broadway. and we had a space above a
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legitimate venue on broadway. somebody was operating in an illegitimate venue, hoping they would slip under the radar, which they obviously did not. the fire marshal was there on site and was able to shut them down. we have talked with the building owner when the property manager and the tenant you're a good -- and the tenant. there have been a few others through the city. they're still tends to be the trend of theft, which i will talk about for a second. they have been plagued by
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pickpockets, and they were able to catch one of the pickpockets and return property that night, so this tends to be an issue citywide as the economy is not as great as we would hope. we are seeing less violence, more theft. i am going to cut its there. gooany questions? >> i have one question. in your report all violations are for operating without a permit? >> no for operating withouafter 2:00 a.m. >> i do not know what that is.
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>> they have entertainment as well? >> they just had extended hours. >> that was my only question. one other question. for 94 common -- 494 broadway. is that of a new region -- is that a venue? it says right here. item six. >> thought was just the address. it was resisting are rust, so it just happened in that location. good >> thank you very much. any questions?
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any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item number five, police department questions and comments. >> good evening. going through different things and have been happening lately, we have gotten through the playoff game, we did about 30 inspections that night, and i really like what i saw. they were not over serving and overcrowding. everyone wants to get in a different club and watch the game, but i was really happy with how they performed.
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on january 14 at 9:30 at night, this is what he was talking about. it seems like we are dealing with it pretty well. there was an aggravated assault at 10:30 at night. a woman was hit on the head with a bucket. a victim yelled at a dancer and through a drink on her. the victim was struck after a fight started out side. >> those standing, please find seats. thank you very much. i am sorry to interrupt. >> january 19, there was a fight between two males. police were forced to strike and
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to to aggression and resistance to the reagan -- and resistance. also at 11:30, a 17-year-old was detained for public intoxication after being involved in a fight. can worry 14th, -- january 14, a parolee was arrested after being involved in a fight. on january 14, police responded, and suspect were fighting. police attempted to break up the fight. the one guy said, that guy is respected my girlfriend. now he struck a police officer in the face.
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the last one, and dealing with the club, and we see the good, bad, and the ugly. the security team -- there has been a lot of uthefts. security informed the person was possibly stealing from the patrons, so they were keeping an eye on its. they approached him, and the suspect dropped a bag. i counted the value of the phones, almost $1,700. it just shows you that one person going into a club can do a lot loof damage.
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that really is about it. >> any questions? moving on to item six, conditions for recess located at 443 broadway. >> after hearing over time to bring those permit holder in front of you, in your binder you should see the permit for 443 broadway.
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you should also see the security plan that was submitted with the application as well as the previous operator's permit that is very similar to the one they are operating on. you also have in your binder a photo. i think this depicts a date in october of last year, showing a crowd in front of the venues, so you have an idea of what that looks like. there is one page with two sides on it. one of them indicates the recent citations the entertainment commission has issued since august. we have reported to you over
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time as well as cad reports of police department has given staff. they are separated into types of reports ended states, and lastly, on the back, permit conditions you should consider. they are suggestions from staff. they run the gamut, and they are ways you might change and add to this permit in such a way we might be able to help with the problems we have been seeing. is there anything particular on the page you might want to talk about? >> the commissioners will see
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three citations issued. you also see two dates when recess was brought before the commission during meetings. one is tonight, also last month. this commission has heard many times in the past but the days of getting calls like this, throwing them at you without intelligently reading those reports, what we did is we broke them up. goofor passing call, those incle the three days and only those in where there are notes dealing with crowd control issues. go these three were the only three that were included,
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because there are notes about perhaps violent behavior. an intoxicated person was seen by an officer is leaving the venue. goothese three are the dates gog back to the vineyard -- the venue. this is the both of what we could contribute to the club with the information of the time. all of the deals with crowd control, blocking a sidewalk and
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street. gnc stands for good neighbor policy, so i want to clarify commissioners knew what you are talking about. i am open for questions on this matter. >> i am here tonight with my clients, who are the principles of the permit holder, and i am also here with the head of security. i apologize. i am getting over a cold.
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i previously got a recommendation for permits. we are not sure about no. 9, and i am not sure if there have been any sound complaints from the venue. i do take issue with number one. this venue is on the street that is extremely difficult. this is probably the most difficult street in sentences go to run any type of venue, -- in sandford cisco -- san francisco, to run any kind of venue. get in responding to some of these reports, we are not prepared to discuss any of these because we do not have copies, but we are here to answer any
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questions you might have. we are going to try to get work this out. >> i would like to start with some questions. there was a citation for st. crowding. it remains unanswered and underpaid. does your client intends to pay the or answer that? updikes she intends to enter the outcome -- >> she intends to answer that, but this is the first time she has heard about that. >> we would be happy to give you a copy of the citation. with regards to the citation on october 9, they have a time. to pay.


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